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Summer is here, which means our summer program is in session. Read on to learn more about how our summer program can be of benefit to your child.

Expose Them To New Things

We all know the old adage of “don’t change over the summer”, and that’s because summer is a time for growth. While you will undoubtedly notice your child growing over the summer months in a physical sense, summer is a great time for personal and intellectual growth as well. The regular school year can be a busy time, with children not always having the time to truly explore everything that they would like. With our fantastic summer program, though, your child has an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of new things, with the possibility of introducing them to a brand new interest or skill that they didn’t have before. Our language immersion program that we offer during the rest of the year continues into our summer program, and for first time attendees of Creative Arts, your child can be exposed to cultures that they may have had no prior knowledge of. In our language program, we explore languages of the world like Spanish, French and Russian, examining their cultures as well. This summer can make for a fantastic opportunity for your child to learn and develop new interests.

Keep Them Stimulated Over The Summer

While summer has endless possibilities for growth and fun, some children are stuck indoors all summer, presented with few opportunities to achieve their maximum potential. As a result, many kids find themselves becoming bored over the summer, as they have very little presented to them to keep them interested and occupied. Summer is a great opportunity to do so many things, and not allowing your child to take advantage of this is unfortunate, to say the least. By sending them to the summer program here at Creative Arts in Bethesda, however, they’ll be presented with a variety of different activities and options of things to do. Whether they want to spend time outside being active, stay indoors and be creative with painting and drawing, or take a day trip to great places like the Space Museum, the summer program at Creative Arts is a fantastic way to ensure that your child never gets bored this summer.

Attend a Bethesda Summer Camp

Those are just a few examples as to why you should send your child to our summer program in Bethesda. Whether you’re looking to ensure that your child stays stimulated this summer or want to aid in their overall growth, the summer program at Creative Arts is a fantastic option for both parents and kids in Bethesda. We will continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, to learn more about our Bethesda summer program for kids, contact us today!